Gotguard Virtual Video Security Solution

Virtual Guard is a real, licensed security guard that is located remotely. The guard then connects to the area being monitored through the Internet. With this concept, communities have real-time communication and human intervention at a fraction of the cost of onsite guards.

How virtual monitoring works

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Payment upon on job 50% pre to job and other 50 when job is complete. Gotguard Virtual security payment terms card info check on file. You can deal with us to install or you can install with anyone you may like and we will do the monitoring for you.

Gotguard Virtual Security Solution

Gotguard Always watching, Guards trained to respond

Your on-site guard may be more effectively and efficiently replaced by a Gotguard certified, virtual security officer.
Remote video monitoring is the Gotguard security solution – real-time, full-time monitoring by a highly Gotguard trained virtual security officer.
The Gotguard virtual officer is just like an on-site security officer, only better. Why? Because Gotguard virtual security officers can prevent crimes before they happen – 24/7. Our Gotguard cameras can be where security guards can’t. Gotguard virtual monitoring puts our eyes on your most valuable resources, and provides protection and confidence for your employees.

Gotguard Virtual Security Officer

The best solution to reduce your business’ exposure for risk is the deployment of a Gotguard virtual security. While the cost of on-site security guards rises, the price of remote monitoring continues to decline. The Gotguard solution combines a licensed security guard and the most intelligent technology available; the result is great value and unmatched protection.

Gotguard Dedicated Remote Video Monitoring

Gotguard remote video monitoring is proactive – nothing preset or triggered. Gotguard security officers provide dedicated, live assessment and can intervene prior to a security breach, often preventing a crime.

Gotguard Video Surveillance

Competitors claim their technology systems can replace on-site guards – Gotguard video systems actually can.

Gotguard Virtual Patrols

Video monitoring performs like a conventional on-site guard at a fraction of the cost and with zero time off.

How virtual monitoring works

What are virtual guards? Not just what — what and who! Virtual guards are people who monitor your security system and keep a watchful eye over your property via surveillance cameras posted in strategic locations. In the event of a security threat, virtual guards will activate alarms and even talk down the intruder to prevent vandalism, theft, or security risk to your people.

Traditional video surveillance systems are only effective after a crime is committed. Gotguard Virtual guard monitoring with a live security agent to actively watch your camera feeds and assess the situation. If a potential threat is identified, the security agent will attempt to deter the crime through our integrated- on premise audio system and escalate to local law enforcement if needed.

The Gotguard Virtual Guard solution is most popular in the state of California, for gated communities and neighborhoods. It is also commonly used in Car Dealerships, Museums, Hospitals, Construction Sites, Warehouses, Estate Protection, Commercial Properties, Scrap Yards, Manufacturing Facilities, and Industrial Areas. Essentially anywhere that people or valuable assets need
safeguarding from unwanted and unlawful entry can benefit from this security solution.

How It Works

Step 1: Assess

Assess your personal pain points, take a look at your property, and create a custom site-plan showing our recommended camera placement and their area coverage.

Step 2: Implement

Install and implement the software and hardware needed to monitor your location(s). We’ll also train you on how to use our software, and give you your customer service contacts information.

Step 3: Monitor

Once implemented, you’re all set! We’re on watch and notify you of any events, monitor your hardware health, and most importantly, defend your assets.

Reliable 24/7 Live Remote Video Surveillance Monitoring

Virtual guarding, or remote CCTV monitoring, is not only one of the most affordable security solutions, but it is also one of the most dependable and effective. Using strategically placed CCTV security cameras located throughout your property, a single remote guard can do the work of an entire team of traditional standing guards. Each camera is equipped with advanced surveillance technology, including night vision/infrared capabilities, motion detection, facial recognition software, and more. When a camera's motion sensor is tripped, remote guards are immediately alerted and can intervene in real time. Highly experienced and well-trained to assess situations and take decisive action, GIS guards announce via two-way audio speaker that the trespasser is being watched and recorded. If this does not deter the trespasser, they can dispatch local authorities and provide valuable, high-quality security footage that can help catch the suspect and be submitted as evidence in a court of law.

Why should you hire virtual guards? Whether it’s covering a hidden corner, a specific time of day, or particular need, a virtual guard can offer a an affordable, flexible way to expand the scope of your on-site guards. There are many reasons to add a virtual guard to your complete security solution. We’ve highlighted a few here:

Visibility – On-site guards can only see so much. Based on the placement of the video cameras, virtual guards can peer into every corner of a property to blanket it with protection.

Responsiveness – In the event of an emergency, your on-site guards will be your frontline responders. Virtual guards can help keep them out of harm’s way by observing the environment from afar — often unnoticed — and tapping into their experience to act swiftly and appropriately to keep their on-site partners safe.

Affordability – Because they are fed real-time information from cameras placed around a property, a single virtual guard can cover much more property than a single on-site guard. For example, placing cameras throughout solar fields and construction sites creates a span of security that is more affordable than hiring enough guards to accomplish the same broad and constant overview.

Better protection for less

Multiple areas can be monitored simultaneously, 24/7 No need to hire expensive, ineffective security guards’ Custom solutions to fit every budget.

Eyewitness – In the event that a crime actually occurs, they can also serve as excellent eyewitness testimony, thanks to electronic records.

All security personnel who operate the Virtual Gate Guard are fully vetted and highly trained professionals. For better peace of mind, we only employ licensed security guards.

What’s the best security solution for my property? Every business is different. Some properties are better suited to virtual guard services than others. We’ve mentioned a few here. If you fall into one of those industries or recognize a need for any of the benefits we’ve outlined, this may be a great solution for you to add to your comprehensive security approach. Gotguard Security is an expert in virtual guard monitoring. We help companies of all types and sizes to build the solution that fits their business and property needs perfectly. Along with virtual guard solutions, our video monitoring and on-site guard patrol will keep every angle of your location and all of your assets well protected.


Our security protocol includes performing video tours on a preset schedule determined by the customer’s needs. These checks can be performed any time of the day or night and are designed to identify suspicious behavior or evidence of it. Our Gotguard team will work closely with every client to develop a comprehensive security plan. Whether your site includes sections housing valuable property or simply areas that are easily trespassed, Gotguard Virtual Security Officer site tours are sure to cover your
security needs.

Gotguard Virtual Guards Don’t Sleep. Our Virtual Guarding Service…

Can detect unauthorized activity
Utilizes cutting-edge facial recognition technology
Can automatically recognize specific license plates
Provides priceless incident verification for insurance and legal matters
Can prevent loitering, crowding, or grouping
Are real security experts, able to take decisive and intelligent action

Any-Sized Business or Industry

At Gotguard Security, our virtual guard services are fully customizable and can be designed to fit the unique needs of a wide range of businesses and industries, including but not limited to:

Property Management
Medical Facilities
Office Buildings
Parking Lots/Garages

Protect your company and maintain your sense of security

Plain Clothes Officers

In many corporate settings, customers desire a “softer” or less militaristic-looking uniform. In these instances, uniformed officers are attired in more traditional business apparel, most commonly a blazer. Frequently, a smaller, less dramatic breast patch identifies the individual as a security officer.

Patrol Officers
Armed / Unarmed

Combined Security
Technology has delivered many new capabilities to the security industry. Yet, many would challenge, nothing replaces the human component.
Using the most contemporary Gotguard virtual security officers teamed with highly capable on-site officers, Gotguard security provides the most efficient and cost-effective security systems. As a provider of both of these key components, the integration between them is certain to be the most effective combination available on the market today.

With this unique blended approach, you get the extreme efficiencies of video analytics and integrated camera/access/intrusion systems, while still delivering a human touch. This blend is also a dynamic process that lets you change the various components as granularly as needed. This means that shift-by- shift ratios can be customized for each specific location. The days of a “one size fits all” approach to security are now firmly committed to the history books.